Getting Started

1.  Form a Small Wellness Support Group of 3 to 10 people.  You can use Transformation Journal Connecting to Wellness 2018 to help keep members information.  If you must start off by yourself then skip to 3.   (One of your goals is to eventually form a small group.  If needed individual coaching is available.)

2.  Pick a time for your Small Wellness Support Group to meet once a week.   Pick a location such as church, home, small business, internet meeting, phone conference and etc.  This is a meeting to check progress of hitting the targets of The Connecting to Wellness Checklist.

3.  Check with your health care provider to make sure you can do the activities on the website.  You can use the Physical Wellness Assessment Form to help.

4.  Print out the Connecting to Wellness Individual Score Sheets and the Connecting To Wellness Score Sheet  from tab on navigation bar entitled Connecting to Wellness Score SheetsRead the instructions of each test and fill out.  It is not necessary to do every individual test but to have at least one in each Connecting to Wellness Category.  The more tests performed will give a more accurate health score.

5.  Print out Connecting to Wellness Cheat/Checklists from tab on navigation bar entitled Connecting to Wellness Checklist.  Use these Connecting to Wellness Checklist to start improving your health.

6.  Use the Connecting to Wellness Categories and Blogs (Nutrition, Cardiovascular, Strength, Flexibility, Posture, Nervous System, and Feet-Arches) to help make progress on your personal Connecting to Wellness Score Sheet and Connecting to Wellness Checklists.  Each Wellness Category has helpful information, forms, video, audio, and links to other sites to improve each area.  If you or anyone in your Connecting to Wellness Support Group is having problems please e-mail them or blog so advice can be given.

7.   Meet weekly to go over each members Connecting to Wellness Checklist.  This time should be positive and encouraging.  It is a time for prayer and affirmation.  Use the Transformation Journal Connecting to Wellness 2018 to help keep on track.  Figure out ways to help each member complete their Connecting to Wellness Checklists each week and improve their Connecting to Wellness Health Score.  Does a member need help with childcare so they can workout, help reading labels, printing out forms, getting groceries, prayer, exercise equipment, and etc.  Use the checklist to help in this area.  If someone can not complete certain ones, why? and support them so they can.  This is the most important part of the Connecting to Wellness website.  Most people know what they need to do but do not have the discipline to follow through so meet with you Connecting to Wellness Support Group.


8.  One on One Coaching.